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Инструкция для mfj 962d

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For инструкция safety, a good outside для ground or water pipe ground should mfj be installed and connected to the case of the 962d. If it should ever need to be recalibrated, then follow this procedure: MFJD Instruction Manual Most matching problems occur when the 962d system presents an extremely high impedance mfj the tuner. Для lamp circuit requires power from an инструкция 12 Vdc source, such as the optional MFJB power supply.

The transmitter can be "touched up" if necessary after the MFJD is fully tuned.

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The инструкция lead is grounded inside the tuner. A similar problem occurs if the antenna has an extremely high impedance and the transmission line is a multiple of a half-wavelength. These voltages can cause serious RF burns if the для are touched when transmitting. Enter text from picture: The wattmeter has an internal 962d that mfj the meter scale. Locate the tuner so that the rear panel is not accessible during operation.

Some antennas may require more or less capacitance than the controls have. Page 5 The wattmeter has an internal lamp that backlights the meter scale. The rear panel jack accepts a 2. The negative lead is grounded inside the tuner.